Crimes at Cyber Headlines

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cyber Security

Security whether it is physical or virtual , is the primary concern of any organization. The proliferation of computer systems and network has created new situation where organizations, be it government or private, are becoming more and more relying on computers and network for day to day operations. This has resulted in a deep concern regarding the safety of information and infrastructure. Critical Infrastructure such as electricity, water supply , nuclear plants, financial institutions , etc. play an important role in economy and safety of the country. Any type of intrusions into such systems can jeopardize the safety of the country.
The wide spread use of computers and internet provides intruders an opportunity to sneak in and create havoc. There is a strong need to provide sufficient security to all computer systems and information residing in it.
Computer Security Institute (CSI) most of the computer security breaches are not reported. People keep quiet not to expose the vulnerability further. The CSI/FBI report Computer Crime and Security Survey 2006 shows alarming increase in cyber crimes. The key finding of the survey is
* Virus attacks are the major threat causing financial loss ( 74%)
* Percentage of organizations reporting intrusions have increased from 20 to 25 %
* Over 80% organizations conduct security audit.
It is a fact that most of the organizations don’t report the intrusions to avoid negative publicity it gets. One of the objective of this programme is to provide information and guidelines to protect computer systems against intrusions, data theft, etc.

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