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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cyber Crime Investigations Targets Electronic Thieves

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cyber Crime Investigations (CCI), the corporate theft analysis experts,
announced the launch of its electronic theft investigation services.
Established by industry veteran James Box, an ex-law enforcement
investigator, and Scott Sloan, an electronic forensics specialist, CCI
offers the ideal combination of skills, experience and expertise
required to effectively investigate and resolve electronic related

“It is difficult to imagine in today’s world of high technology, mobile
communication, digital information and trend toward ‘paperless offices’
that a commercial and/or corporate theft can be committed without the
use of an electronic device,” stated James Box, private investigator.
“We live in an age where electronic computing and communication devices
have proliferated the work place. Add to the equation the internet and
the workplace has become vulnerable to a plethora of new types of
employee theft, corporate espionage and electronic crimes. We
established CCI to address the increasing rate of electronic thefts in
the workplace and to assist the unfortunate victims in quickly
establishing the theft and protect them against any further or future

“For the past several years, Jim and I have worked together on civil and
criminal cases involving computer and electronic thefts and have enjoyed
an impressive track record of delivering successful conclusions for our
clients,” stated Scott Sloan, electronic forensics and network security
specialist. “Establishing CCI enabled us to continue to leverage our
complementary skills and experience and to provide a much needed
service. We are very experienced in collecting digital evidence and
preserving the data’s integrity for forensic investigation, and know how
best to protect metadata and maintain the data’s chain of custody. And
CCI is uniquely positioned to provide clients with a wealth of
experience and expertise in the appropriate collection and preparation
of evidence should the victim wish to pursue the matter in a civil
and/or criminal court action.”

CCI is an investigative firm specializing in electronic related thefts
through a combination of Electronic Forensic Investigation and
Traditional Criminal Investigation with a strong commitment to providing
clients with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.
CCI assists clients in discretely resolving the suspected electronic
theft, crime or intrusion in the most efficient and expeditious manner
with as little disruption and loss to the client as possible.

CCI focuses on Corporate Theft, Trade Secret Protection and Employment
Pre-Termination Investigations and offers a range of investigative
services to:

  • Establish the electronic theft or crime

  • Properly acquire, process, authenticate and secure evidence – ensuring
    proper chain of evidence

  • Identify and confirm the perpetrator through a combination of
    electronic forensic investigation and traditional investigative and
    interviewing techniques

  • Properly interview suspected employee and other employees to dispel
    any possible discrimination and avoid wrongful dismissal suits

  • Assist in the recovery of stolen assets where possible

  • Prepare the evidence and case to present to law enforcement and/or
    courts if the action is requested or required

In addition to these services, CCI provides a comprehensive range of
traditional and electronic investigative services as well as network
security services to large and small business, law firms, insurance
companies, government agencies and private citizens.

About CCI

Cyber Crime Investigations (CCI) is an investigative firm established by
James Box and Scott Sloan to assist individual and corporate clients in
the detection and analysis of electronic related intrusions, thefts and
crimes, and to protect them against further and/or future losses.

Mr Box is a well respected and established Private Investigator with
significant experience in the criminal justice system. Having spent 21
years in law enforcement, Mr Box left the Orange County District
Attorney’s office and established a very successful private
investigation business serving the greater Southern California area.

Mr. Sloan is an established IT Professional with over 20 years
experience in the Computer Sciences field. Mr Sloan currently works in
several areas of forensics and uses many different tools to obtain
critical key evidence for his clients.

With CCI you can be assured of expert handling of suspected perpetrators
and evidence in a professional and confidential manner. For more
information, visit

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